Re: Gnome to be based on .NET?

On 5 Feb 2002, Crispin Wellington wrote:

> Ah. But Apple did not embrace and extend. They don't consider BSD to be
> a threat. Have no doubt that if Microsoft saw BSD as a threat to their
> desktop dominance, they would have released msBSD, which would have been
> BSD with a whole bunch of proprietary extensions. It could run BSD
> stuff, but BSD users couldn't run msBSD stuff. Gradually they would kill
> BSD by embracing it and then extending it with MS proprietry protocols,
> api's etc.

Sorry, but this is so low on clue it actually *HURTS*.

NEXT took BSD (and mach) and used embrace and extend on it to create their
systems. Just about every unix shop at the time had their own "embrace and
extend" version/port of 4.2BSD (and then 4.3BSD or a 4.2/4.3 mix).  The
pouple who went out and did the SYSVR4.x used embrace and extend on BSD
and all the various vendors who went out and adopted *that* did their own
additional amounts of embracing and extending. So did in turn POSIX. In
*FACT*, bsd people went out and embraced and extended BSD - in fact, the
various BSD groups are still embracing and extending each others code
(except they call it code sharing) to9 this day. And Apple most definately
did "embrace and extend" (but they call it deriving from or using as a
base) - there are lots of apis in macosx that aren't in "normal" BSDs.

Strangely enough, and contrary to reports on slashdot, BSD doesn't seem to
be going away - despite all this embracing and extending that has been
going on for a hell of a long time.

> Crispin


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