Re: gnome config

On 2002.02.04 21:04 Mike Newman wrote:

> [mike gtnorthern mike]$ gnome-config --modversion print
> gnome-print-0.30
> Some of the libs as known to gnome-config have non-obvious names.
> Typing gnome-config with no arguments will spill a whole lot of useful
> ending with a list of libs gnome-config knows about - here its:
> applets, bonobo_conf, bonobo, bonobox, bonobox_print, capplet,
> docklets, > eel, gal, gdk_pixbuf, gdk_pixbuf_xlib, ghttp,
> gnomecanvaspixbuf,  gnumeric,gtkhtml, libart, libglade, libgtop,
> libguppi, libIDL, libole2, librsvg,nautilus, oaf, print, soup_apache,
> soup, soup_wsdl, vfs, xml2, xml, xslt
> Hope this helps
> Mike

Sort of..

At the end of my gnome-config printout I get;
applets caplet, docklets, gdk-pixbuf, gdk-pixbuf_xlib, ghttp,
gnomecanvaspixbuf, gnumeric, libart, libglade, libgtop, obgnome, libIdl,

as you can see, no hint of anything that might be related to print.

On the other hand rpm -q gnome-print reports gnome-print-0.34-ximian-1 

and in /usr/lib I have and

The command "gnome-config --modversion print" or "gnome-config
--modversion gnome-print" returns 'unknown library' 

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