Re: gnome config

On Mon, 2002-02-04 at 22:17, Paul Lewis wrote:
> At the end of my gnome-config printout I get;
> applets caplet, docklets, gdk-pixbuf, gdk-pixbuf_xlib, ghttp,
> gnomecanvaspixbuf, gnumeric, libart, libglade, libgtop, obgnome, libIdl,
> xml.
> as you can see, no hint of anything that might be related to print.
> On the other hand rpm -q gnome-print reports gnome-print-0.34-ximian-1 
> and in /usr/lib I have and
> The command "gnome-config --modversion print" or "gnome-config
> --modversion gnome-print" returns 'unknown library' 

OK, do you have a matching gnome-print-devel package installed?

The file /usr/lib/ lives in the devel package, and sounds
like its missing.


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