Re: HTML Tables with mozilla

Ben FrantzDale wrote:
On Fri, 2002-04-26 at 16:52, William Lovaton wrote:

Hello there,

I'm a happy user of Galeon, and the only thing I found a little bit sad
is that Internet Explorer 6 renders big HTML tables almost 3 times
faster than Galeon 1.2 (Gecko).

Someone knows if there is a plan to optimize this algorithms?

You should put a bug on Mozilla's bugzilla about this if there isn't one


Before you do that, I would recommend you to check out the latest CVS, the problem seems not to exists for me (I have a post 1.0RC1). If it exists, search wisley:

There already so many bugreports that chances are low, yours is not in the ones already listed,
and every dupe, needs work to verify the dupe, than solving it.


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