How do I stop the control-center from messing with my mouse?


the GNOME2 Mouse Settings do not produce acceptable mouse motion
threshold and acceleration settings for my mouse. I use an optical USB
mouse with a screen resolution of 1280x1024. I have
	Option	    "Resolution" "1800"
in the mouse section in my XF86Config. So far I always comment out the
lines in
gnome-control-center/gnome-settings-daemon/gnome-settings-mouse.c that
are responsible for that to make my mouse movement not suck.

Without that action the Mouse is far too slow, and a low acceleration
threshold makes it kinda difficult to precisely position the mouse
cursor, while a high acceleration threshold requires me to move the
mouse 20 cm to get from the left to the right border of the screen.
Neither is acceptable. If gnome-settings-daemon would not mess with the
mouse settings, everything would be ok. I tried to reset the appropriate
GConf values to the schema default (aka "unset key" in gconf-editor) in
the hope the mouse settings would just not get changed, but that doesn't

Any help appreciated

Markus Bertheau.
Berlin, Berlin.

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