Unable to run a gnome-terminla as a user - update info

When ever I try to run gnome-terminal as a user, I get the following in a
error box:

There has been an error while trying to log in

if you are using Linux 2.2.x with glibc 2.1.x, this
is probally due to incorrectly setup Unix98 ptys.

Please read linux/Documentation.Changes for how
to set them up correctly


It works fine as root, but not as a user, so Its a permissions problem
somewhere (hopefully).
I've checked the docs in the /usr/src/linux directory as It mentioned, but
I cannot find any referance to what I would need with this problem.

btw xterm works fine.

I'm running kernel-2.4.18 and glibc-2.2.5
(sorry for not including that before)

Thanks in advance


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