Re: How to resize toolbar when switching toolbar style?

On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 16:24, Dean W. Schumacher wrote:
> I have an application using a Gnome Application window created in 
> Glade. The Gnome App window has a GnomeDockItem container with a
> GtkToolbar.
> GnomeApp
>   GnomeDock
>     GnomeDockItem
>       GtkToolbar
> The toolbar style has both icons and text. I added a callback
> to allow the user to switch to a text only toolbar by calling:
>   gtk_toolbar_set_style(widget, GTK_TOOLBAR_TEXT);

First, afaik, The Right Way to let the user control whether text is
shown on toolbars is through the GNOME Control Center. Therefore your
app doesn't need to provide a configuration option for that.

Secondly, this kinda is a development question which would be better
suited to gtk-devel or something like that.

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