How to resize toolbar when switching toolbar style?

I have an application using a Gnome Application window created in 
Glade. The Gnome App window has a GnomeDockItem container with a


The toolbar style has both icons and text. I added a callback
to allow the user to switch to a text only toolbar by calling:

  gtk_toolbar_set_style(widget, GTK_TOOLBAR_TEXT);

This switches the toolbar to text only, but the problem is
that it doesn't compress the height of the toolbar to match
the shorter button size without the icons. However, if I move 
things around manually in the GUI, it will resize the toolbar 

Is there some way I can force the toolbar to be resized 
automatically when I set the toolbar style to GTK_TOOLBAR_TEXT?
I've tried a bunch of things, but haven't figured it out.

Thanks for any help.

Dean Schumacher			Email: dean schumacher alcatel com
Software Engineering Tools	Phone: 972.519.3252
Alcatel USA

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