Re: Status of Help functionality for GNOME2 components

well redone can be  "not applying the patch" or 
 "removing help on yelp" also. 
 I feel like any other applicatons  yelp can also have a "Help
Contents"  in the "help" menu  instead of only having an "about" in
under the  "help" menu.


> ons 2002-04-24 klockan 16.10 skrev satyajit kanungo:
> > Hi All,
> > Yelp                           79482    To be re-done (as per Mikael
> > Hallendal)
> What is to be redone? The help.
> I was pointing out that if the help-browser needs help something about
> the UI in the help-browser is wrong. Perhaps I'm wrong but do 
> people see
> need of help for the help-browser and if so, can you please point 
> wherehelp is needed so we might consider another solution that is 
> easier to
> understand, thus removing the need for help.

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