Re: Gnome Control Center won't start

le 24 Sep 2001 09:39:52 -0400
Robert Sean Hartnett <tardis mediaone net> a ecrit concernant Gnome
Control Center won't start:

> Whenever I try to start "gnomecc" I get the following error,
> "gnomecc: error while loading shared libraries: gnomecc: undefined
> symbol: POA_GNOME_control_center_init".
> Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? It is system wide, even after
> I put in a new test account, same error.
> 				Thanks
> 				Sean
hello sean,

assumed that your gnome is placed in /opt/gnome and that you are working
under linux you have to expand the file /etc/ by the line
/opt/gnome/lib and you have to call <ldconfig>. for being able to do so
you have to be root. if your gnome is installed at another place you must
change the install prefix. if you are working on a sun or anything else
(is there anything else?;-) ) other people will be able to name the
corresponding files. 

and if this method doesn't help any of your libraries has been deleted.

salut bis denne

/\/\   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ karsten reincke
>oo<                  mailto:gig karubik de

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