Re: GConf + LDAP?

Adam Williams <awilliam whitemice org> writes:
> >I think gconf would support this type of functionality through a remote
> >backend, but the problem is defining what you want to share across
> >locations and what you don't.  I would think it would be nearly
> >impossible for us to agree what desktop setting should be "global" and
> >which ones should be "local" to one workstation.
> >This leads me to believe we'd have to let the user set which parameters
> >are local, and which should be global.... *I* would think that would be
> >cool, but it also would involve doubling the number of setting, etc...
> >any other ideas/opinions?
> I was thinking of something along the lines of the Windows Policy Editor.
> All setting are local,  but upon login, a global cluster of settings is
> merged into the local ones.  Is the format of the GConf database such that
> a module could be designed that merges settings into whatver may already
> be?
> This would avoid arguments about what should be global,  as it would be
> the admins job to decide what is global.  In the Windows Policy editor the
> admin can create "adm" tempates of settings and use a GUI to establish
> values in those templates that are merged when the user logins in.

GConf handles this by having a search path, for example by default it
first looks at one systemwide database, then at a per-user database,
then at another systemwide database. With the idea that
forced/mandatory global settings are in the first systemwide database,
and default global settings the user can override are in the second


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