Re: GConf + LDAP?

>I think gconf would support this type of functionality through a remote
>backend, but the problem is defining what you want to share across
>locations and what you don't.  I would think it would be nearly
>impossible for us to agree what desktop setting should be "global" and
>which ones should be "local" to one workstation.
>This leads me to believe we'd have to let the user set which parameters
>are local, and which should be global.... *I* would think that would be
>cool, but it also would involve doubling the number of setting, etc...
>any other ideas/opinions?

I was thinking of something along the lines of the Windows Policy Editor.
All setting are local,  but upon login, a global cluster of settings is
merged into the local ones.  Is the format of the GConf database such that
a module could be designed that merges settings into whatver may already

This would avoid arguments about what should be global,  as it would be
the admins job to decide what is global.  In the Windows Policy editor the
admin can create "adm" tempates of settings and use a GUI to establish
values in those templates that are merged when the user logins in.

Ximian GNOME, Evolution, LTSP, and RedHat Linux + LVM & XFS

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