Re: Gnome and Enlightenment Backgrounds

kclark0153 surfree com writes:

> Just upgraded to Gnome 1.4,  I want to control my backgrounds with
> enlightenment, but Gnome puts it's backgrounds over Enlightenment.
> This is the case even when I turn off Gnome Backgrounds in the
> control panel.  I can see the E background  when I jump from one
> virtual desktop to another and I can see the correct background in
> my E pagers.  It's almost like Gnome is running on top of
> everything.  How do I move the E backgrounds forward? 

I do not have this problem (but see next paragraph).  In the control
center I have the ``wallpaper'' set to ``none'' in the ``background''
subitem of the ``desktop'' item.  I have 5 desktops set in E and each
gets its own background (backgrounds set via the ``desktop background
settings'' item in the ``settings'' menu.

HOWEVER, if I run nautilus and in its preferences (``windows $
desktop'') I chose ``Use Nautilus to draw the desktop'', the E
backgrounds are hidden and the same background is used for all
desktops.  Is this perhaps your problem?

I filed a request for gnome itself to permit distinct a background for
each desktop.  Perhaps this will be possible in gnome 2.


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