RE: Helping victims of terror

I agree completely in not supporting those who celebrated the death of US
citizens. Let me know when you get the name of EACH AND EVERY ONE of those
who did and I'll see to it that they never get a penny of our tax dollars.
Or perhaps you'd rather have people not be allowed to express themselves
freely, no matter what others may think of it? The last government I recall
caught doing that was complained of loudly by persons such as yourself as a
totalitarian government.

As for the perpetrators of this action, I think some of my tax dollars will
be well spent on them yet again (we *DID* train their trainers to fight the
soviets). This will be in the form of assorted military ordinance sent to
them by supersonic express.
I rather think they'll be left feeling a bit flat over that...

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Hi everyone. As many of you are aware, people in Egypt and
other countries celebrated the attacks on New York and
Washington. Some of these countries receive billions of
dollars in aid from the United States. I believe that
people who celebrate the deaths of thousands of people do
not deserve to receive any aid from those peoples' country.
As a result, I've sent letters to representatives in the
government, urging them to stop support to these countries.
The money should be used to help the victims and their
families, and to rebuild what has been destroyed. I'm
including a copy of this letter below, and I invite and
urge all of you to mail a copy of it to your representatives,
or write your own. Please tell your family, friends,
coworkers and neighbors. Let's make this as widespread as

*** Begin letter ***

Dear Senators and Representatives,

People in Egypt and other countries were filmed celebrating
the September 11 attacks on America that destroyed thousands
of lives.

These countries receive billions of dollars in foreign aid
from us--paid for by those whose lives were destroyed or
altered forever by the attack. Their celebrating of these
horrible acts show total disrespect and disregard for human
lives, not to mention a complete lack of appreciation for
the support that has continued to benefit them.

I strongly urge you to stop financial aid to these countries.

The money should instead go to victims and their families,
not to those who celebrated their untimely deaths. And, of
course, the money should be used to rebuild the destroyed
properties and pay for the expensive investigations and other
actions that must take place.

The hard-earned money of those who died should NOT go to
those who celebrated their deaths.


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