Re: Helping victims of terror

Because a few people in these countries celebrate this tragedy, you
think everyone in these countries should be punished?  I think this is
boardering on racism here.  Why don't we just nuke the entire middle
east?  This seems to be the kind of logic you are following..

On Wed, 2001-09-12 at 18:40, Help Victims wrote:
> Hi everyone. As many of you are aware, people in Egypt and
> other countries celebrated the attacks on New York and
> Washington. Some of these countries receive billions of
> dollars in aid from the United States. I believe that
> people who celebrate the deaths of thousands of people do
> not deserve to receive any aid from those peoples' country.
> As a result, I've sent letters to representatives in the
> government, urging them to stop support to these countries.
> The money should be used to help the victims and their
> families, and to rebuild what has been destroyed. I'm
> including a copy of this letter below, and I invite and
> urge all of you to mail a copy of it to your representatives,
> or write your own. Please tell your family, friends,
> coworkers and neighbors. Let's make this as widespread as
> possible.
> *** Begin letter ***
> Dear Senators and Representatives,
> People in Egypt and other countries were filmed celebrating
> the September 11 attacks on America that destroyed thousands
> of lives.
> These countries receive billions of dollars in foreign aid
> from us--paid for by those whose lives were destroyed or
> altered forever by the attack. Their celebrating of these
> horrible acts show total disrespect and disregard for human
> lives, not to mention a complete lack of appreciation for
> the support that has continued to benefit them.
> I strongly urge you to stop financial aid to these countries.
> The money should instead go to victims and their families,
> not to those who celebrated their untimely deaths. And, of
> course, the money should be used to rebuild the destroyed
> properties and pay for the expensive investigations and other
> actions that must take place.
> The hard-earned money of those who died should NOT go to
> those who celebrated their deaths.
> Sincerely,
> [Your name here]
> [I suggest including your mailing address]
> ***
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