Re: icons don't show in gnome

hi Jared

> 1:  The gnome panel and menus don't show any icons except for 2.  Those
> icons are ".xpm" icons and the rest that don't show seem to be ".png"

It sounds like you don't have libpng installed.  Can you view .png files
with ee or some other image viewer.  libpng can be downloaded from:

> configure: warning: *** Native JPEG support will not be built (JPEG
> not found) ***

Sounds like your missing libjpeg here.  This one can be found at:

You will have to recompile everything that uses these libaries (most
things that display graphics).

> 2:  My second problem is if i click on the "background" section in 
> control-center it seg-faults.  But I figure it is probably something to
> with my first problem.

Might be, but I don't know... after you install the libs recompile this
one too... oh don't forget to run ldconfig as root before you recompile
the programs.

Patrick Kellaher
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