icons don't show in gnome

I compiled all the gnome stuff from source on a fresh system and things work pretty good except for a couple of things:

1: The gnome panel and menus don't show any icons except for 2. Those 2 icons are ".xpm" icons and the rest that don't show seem to be ".png" icons. I figured it was something to do with imlib not compiling with support for sevewral image formats so i recompiled it after installing as many "graphics" libs as i could find. Configure found everything except for some jpeg thing:

configure: warning: *** Native JPEG support will not be built (JPEG library not found) ***

What am I missing that causes this error, and if possible, where can I get it? Anyway, I installed it that way but ".png" icons still don't show. What else must I do?

2: My second problem is if i click on the "background" section in control-center it seg-faults. But I figure it is probably something to do with my first problem.

I hope this is the right list (there are so many) :o)
If not, tell me and I'll join, and post on that list.

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