Ximian desktop background image

I've got a machine running RedHat 6.2 on an older machine that I
upgraded to Ximian Gnome 1.4.  I'm using Sawfish as my window manager.

The problem is that I'm using Exceed on my desktop PC to connect over
XDMCP to the Linux machine, and it is extremely slow to use, because
everytime I move a window on the Linux box, it has to redraw the desktop
and Ximian Gnome has that desktop picture of the monkey, instead of some
sort of tiled background, or solid color.  I can't figure out how that
picture is put on the desktop.  In the gnome control center, if I look
under Desktop -> Background, for Wallpaper it says "none", "centered"
and for Color it says "Solid".  I unchecked the "Use GNOME to set
background" box and reset the background and now I have some sort of a
purple/grey speckled background, which seems to redraw much faster, but
if I could get it to a solid color, I think it would go even faster.

My question is, where is this stuff currently getting set?  After
un-clicking the "Use GNOME to set background" box, all the Wallpaper and
Color stuff is greyed out.  I can't find anything in the Sawfish options
that controls the background pattern, so at this point, I don't know
what is setting my desktop pattern!

Any ideas?

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