Re: PAN (how to set up and use)?

On 23/10 2001 12:59 John J. LeMay Jr. wrote:
** Reply to message from Toralf Lund <toralf kscanners com> on Tue, 23
Oct 2001
09:51:01 +0200

> On 22/10 2001 23:28 Dennis J. Tuchler wrote:
> > In Gnome, I click on applications, internet, PAN and get a cryptic
> > about notes.  I
> > am told that PAN is a news reader.  Where can I obtain information as
> > how to set it
> > up, establish newsgroups to be searched for notes, etc.?
> >


I'm not sure I understand what you are seeing. Could you explain what you
when you select Pan from your menu in a bit more detail? The first time
you run
Pan you should be prompted to setup the application. You may also want to
the version of Pan you are using (for rpm based distro's rpm -qa|grep -i
will work).
A slight misunderstanding there, I think. Pan works fine for me, except
there are some more features I'd like to see, notably the ability to use it
as a GNOME URL handler, but I've requested that already. It was someone
else that asked, and I just wanted to point him towards the Pan web site.

Anyhow, I guess your information is valuable anyway, given the copy to the
GNOME list.

Feel free to join the Pan mailing list as well. You can find info at the
homepage - The developers are very active on the list
should be able to help out if I can't.
Argh... Yet another mailing list. I always preferred newsgroups myself,
but it looks like nobody else does (but then again, a newsgroup would
perhaps be somewhat meaningless in this case.)

- Toralf

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