Re: Repost: gmenu and Ximan Gnome in a disagreement

On 27 May 2001 08:33:10 +0600, Gerry Kirk wrote:
> I re-configured the Ximian menus using gmenu as root, and in gmenu the 
> menus look fine. From the desktop, though, the new folders are named 'New 
> Folder' and an item I created in a sub-menu is called "Unknown". In gmenu, 
> the proper names are there.
> I tried re-booting, but that didn't help.
> What gives?
> Gerry

Hi Gerry.

I had this exaxt problem (still do sort of) and it's to di with those
damn yankees corupting the propper english language ;-)

Well, maybe not, but if you are useing a language setting in your linux
setup it gets confused.  For example I have my system set to use New
Zealand English (from the redhat install).  

Open Gmenu and select your folder, then click on the advanced tab, you
will probaly see two lines, the top has no language and is called NEw
Folder, the second line is in your language with the correct name.  Just
edit the first language to the correct title and it sorts out the


  Rob Brown-Bayliss

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