Re: Ximian Gnome 1.2 on Solaris/Sparc. WM problems!

On Mon, May 21, 2001 at 08:18:47AM -0500, gdev wrote:

> I did a regular install of Ximian 1.2, Solaris8/Sparc. When I log into 
> gnome, it 'seems' to start up okay, even says its loading the window 
> manager. But when it comes up, all the boarders around dialogs and programs 
> and messed up, just distorted and weird.  To fix it, I just goto the 
> control-center and switch window managers, dosn't matter which one, 
> sawfish, gnome-wm, twm, fixes them right up.

If this is the problem I think you're describing, it's caused by miscoding in 
ImLib tickling a bug in the Sun Xserver (and a few others, but fixed in XF86).

Are the borders you describe as "messed up, distorted and wierd" look like 
they've been dithered with transparent pixels, and when you pass your mouse over 
them, the transparent areas really aren't there, so that your pointer changes 
shape lots to try to keep up with the significance of the pixel it's pointing 
at?  Are you also still using a version of ImLib prior to 1.9.10?

If so, this is fixed as a side-effect of the fixing of Imlib using ZPixmaps when 
it should have been using XYBitmaps.  I saw this using Enlightenment and Gnome 
1.2 until recently, when I saw the ChangeLog entry for imlib 1.9.10 and tried it 
to see if it'd help - it did ;O).  Gnome 1.4 seems to come with this as 
standard, too.  It would only happen in Enlightenment if I ran a GTK+ 
application on any screen, and would effect all screens once it started 
happening.  Thus running a panel or Mozilla/Netscape6 became a bit of a pain.

The bug in Xsun is logged, but hasn't been fixed yet.

I hope I'm not entirely off track here,


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