Monitor won't go to sleep

I've installed Gnome 1.4 (and with it the version of xscreensaver that
came with it) and my box no longer turns my monitor off.  I have my
machine set to turn on the screensaver after 20 minutes of inactivity
and then to turn off the monitor 20 minutes after that.  The screensaver
comes on, but the monitor never gets set to sleep.

These are the same settings I had before when I was using Gnome 1.2 and
it worked just fine, but now it no longer does.  Using Sawfish as a
window manager.

Anyone have any ideas / fixes / seen this problem themselves?

One thought is, is there a config file for this that could have been
corrupted that maybe I could delete and have gnome recreate for me that
would fix it?


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