Re: Monitor won't go to sleep

Telsa, I got the following e-mail from you off-list:

Is it this one?

Came up on support ximian com only the other night, oddly enough.


And I tried to reply to that message but the e-mail got kicked back as
"Returned mail: user unknown", but here was my reply to your reply!:

Sounds sort of like it, but my monitor never shuts off, unlike the original
poster whose would shut off, then come back on later.

I didn't quite understand your fix though, "xscreensaver-command -prefs"
do I put this line?  (and what is it doing?)

I'm guessing I still leave the "use power management" box checked in the
control center...

Sean Murphy wrote:

> I've installed Gnome 1.4 (and with it the version of xscreensaver that
> came with it) and my box no longer turns my monitor off.  I have my
> machine set to turn on the screensaver after 20 minutes of inactivity
> and then to turn off the monitor 20 minutes after that.  The screensaver
> comes on, but the monitor never gets set to sleep.
> These are the same settings I had before when I was using Gnome 1.2 and
> it worked just fine, but now it no longer does.  Using Sawfish as a
> window manager.
> Anyone have any ideas / fixes / seen this problem themselves?
> One thought is, is there a config file for this that could have been
> corrupted that maybe I could delete and have gnome recreate for me that
> would fix it?
> Sean
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