RE: Ximian Gnome 1.2 on Solaris/Sparc. WM problems!

Thanks for the response. As far as gnome installations, their identical. I've also just gone though a lib check and as far as anything sawfish would need it's all there. See the odd thing is, the windowmanager 'is' there. At least I think it is, if I click on where the close, max and min buttons should be, they work, so it's like the butons are there, but the graphics are just warped. Also, a few things I failed to mention in the first letter, the logout button seems to be broken, it doesn't ask if i'm sure (gee I never thought I'd bitch about that one heh). It just logs out right when hit. And the 2nd thing, the tasklist on the panel lists all the gmc's and everything that should be hidden, as if it would in a non-gnome compliant wm. Even when I fix the graphics the tasklist stays clutterd. All of these problems are tied to this one wm problem. Let me know what you think. Thanks again,


At 04:48 PM 5/21/2001 +0200, Dragutin Cvetkovic (EEI) wrote:
Hello Brandon,

Well to be quite honest I had a similiar scenario on my i386 laptop and SuSe 7.1 What I came up with after typical testing of single elements was that sawfish wasnt running. Reason? It lacked some libs. After I inserted the Suse 7.1 CD into the CDrom and started YAST2 it automatically selected about 28 packages to install without me ever selecting anything. Ofcourse, needless to mention that sawfish wasnt even set as the default WM in the control-center. And all of this happened with gnome 1.4 Conclusion? The problem seems to have smth to do with sawfish maybe and is not tied only to gnome 1.2 Check if you have the same instalation profiles on your Sun boxes (since I had some heavy problems making gnome run on Solaris 8 at all) and then tell us what happened.


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Hey all, I've got a pretty ticky problem here that I really need help with

I did a regular install of Ximian 1.2, Solaris8/Sparc. When I log into
gnome, it 'seems' to start up okay, even says its loading the window
manager. But when it comes up, all the boarders around dialogs and programs
and messed up, just distorted and weird.  To fix it, I just goto the
control-center and switch window managers, dosn't matter which one,
sawfish, gnome-wm, twm, fixes them right up.  So I think gnome is failing
to start a windowmanger on load, or else it's loading twm and THINKING it's
loading sawfish, and sending the boarders to be displayed and, IE, the
distorted display.  That's my only guesses, has anyone else had this
problem or know of a way to fix it.  The real killer is I've installed this
same dist on 3 other Solaris8/Sparc boxes, one of them the exact same type,
a sun enterprise 250 server. All three of those boxes worked great for
testing, and this server I'm putting it on now, is a production
server.  Kinda ticks me off that testing phase went great and production
phase is totally messed up.  Thanks for the help!

Brandon Wilson.

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