RE: gnome and db problems

On Tue, 15 May 2001, Raj Wurttemberg wrote:
> Continuing on with this problem... I was able to compile the gnome-libs with
> the --enable-prefer-db1 switch on my RedHat 7.1 based system, but I would
> like to make an RPM out of it with the "rpm -tb <tarballname>" command. Is
> there any way I can get RPM to do the compile with the "--enable-prefer-db1"
> option??

I think you must edit the spec file within the tarball. There are
somewhere the following lines:

if [ ! -f configure ]; then
   CFLAGS="$MYCFLAGS" ./ $MYARCH_FLAGS --prefix=%prefix --localstatedir=/var/lib --sysconfdir=%{sysconfdir}
   CFLAGS="$MYCFLAGS" ./configure $MYARCH_FLAGS --prefix=%prefix  --localstatedir=/var/lib --sysconfdir=%{sysconfdir}

Just append --enable-prefer-db1 to the ./configure line. After this you
can type 'make dist' in the top source directory and a new tarball with
the new spec file will be created. Hope this helps.


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