Re: Gnome 1.4 Woes

On 2 May 2001, Mario Vukelic wrote:

> On 26 Apr 2001 20:05:42 -0400, Werner Puschitz wrote:
> > o I usually use about 8 virtual screens. Now when I position my terminals
> >   on the screens, logout, and login again, then the position of all my
> >   terminals on the virtual screens get changed. And this is very annoying
> Do you run sawfish? If so, under the sawfish options in gnomecc there is
> are checkboxes for "automatically remember window positions" and "...
> window sizes", probably under Placement. May be that you need to turn on
> advanced settings for sawfish (in section Meta), too. I think that
> should help, but haven't verified it myself.

No, this doesn't help at all. All my sawfish options are set to
automatically remember window positions, sizes etc. As soon as I logout
and login again, all xterm windows are moved to the first virtual
desktop/screen. I usually update my Ximian desktop once every month and
this problem started about a half year ago.
This week I will move my desktop from RH 6.2 to RH 7.1 and maybe this
problem will go away.


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