Re: Gscanner: can I get the text of scanned floating point numbers

On Wed, 2 May 2001, Laurent Lemaitre wrote:

> Tim,
> I am currently using the Lexical Scanner from glib
> for my application (the appl converts files written
> in verilog to xml).
> My problem: my scanner scans floating point numbers (for
> instance 1.22222e-24). It returns G_TOKEN_FLOAT when a
> floating point number is found. I would like to save the
> text that has been scanned (and that served to create the
> value of  scanner->value.v_float). Is-there a way to have
> access to the scanned text?

nope you can't i'm sorry.
that level of detail is abstracted by gscanner.

> Thanks,
> Laurent
> PS: with the automatic conversion str->float I can loose
> precision (that is bad for my application :-( )
> More specifically here is what I am doing to get the text back:
> txt = g_strdup_printf ("%e",scanner->value.v_float);

you can however use precision specifiers here (man printf) to
preserve all of the float precision (though, under some circumstances,
those float strings can get quite long),



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