Re: Gnome 1.4 Woes

On 26 Apr 2001 20:05:42 -0400, Werner Puschitz wrote:

> o I usually use about 8 virtual screens. Now when I position my terminals
>   on the screens, logout, and login again, then the position of all my
>   terminals on the virtual screens get changed. And this is very annoying

Do you run sawfish? If so, under the sawfish options in gnomecc there is
are checkboxes for "automatically remember window positions" and "...
window sizes", probably under Placement. May be that you need to turn on
advanced settings for sawfish (in section Meta), too. I think that
should help, but haven't verified it myself. 

Good luck.If you're really into xterms under X I recommend to use ion as
a window manager ( No
gnome-hints, though

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