Re: GNOME Query

On Wednesday 09 May 2001 05:04, you wrote:

> > I can change the font family and style, but is there a way to change the
> > color of the font and the size?
> The color is set by the theme I believe, though Nautilus chooses wether
> to use a dark or a light color depending on the desktop background
> color/image.

I'll play with the themes some more.   

> The default size is controled along with the default view settings in
> the preferences dialog.

I see no default view settings in the preferences dialog of nautilus.   Going 
through all the preference settings, I don't see anything that changes the 
font size -- other than zooming in and zooming out which just effects the 
nautilus windows session you are in.

Am I looking in the wrong place?

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