More traditional GNOME behavior [Was: Get nautilus OFF OF MY SYSTEM!!!]

Ben FrantzDale wrote:
> You can always just unistall Nautilus.
> --Ben

As unhelpful as this tip from Ben was, I should apologize for ranting on
the mailing list.  I have since discovered where in the gnome
configuration tool I can get the default behavior to be more
traditional.  It is in the URL handlers section, and I simply set my
ghelp application to be 'gnome-help-browser "%s"'.

If somebody (i.e. a regular GNOME developer) has the time, it would be
extremely useful to have a summary of all the options that should be
changed to recover GNOME 1.2, or even 1.0, default behavior.  There are
several fundamental things that I have not been able to reproduce
through the "Gnome Control Center" since upgrading to newer versions of

A VERY short list of examples is:

-left-click on covered window won't leave that window covered.  This is
useful becaus I use "enter-only" as my focus option, with "raise windows
when focused" disabled, so that I can copy text from a window on the
bottom of the stack, and paste it to a window on the top.

-Since upgrading to 1.4, it seems that even though focus moves to a new
window when my mouse cursor enters that window, I have to click twice
for mouse input to actually be recognized.  For example, imagine that as
I type this message, I decide to move my mouse to my "Gnome Control
Center" and click on the "Cancel" button...I have to click once, which
brings the window to the foreground, then twice, to get the "Cancel"
button to actually be pressed!  Is this a bug?

-"Give focus to windows when they haven't asked for it" doesn't work. 
By default, whichever version of GNOME shipped with RH-7.0 always gave
focus (when clicked, or the mouse was over it...depending on my settings
at the time) to my IDL (Interactive Data Language, by RSI) plot windows,
even though their WM-hint didn't request it.  This is important for
programs like IDL that insist on private colormaps!  Since upgrading to
GNOME 1.2 (and the feature remains in 1.4), the child IDL plot window
only takes focus when I actually try to move or resize it, not just when
my mouse cursor is over it.  When I stop moving it, and stop pressing
the mouse button, it loses focus again, thus losing any colors it might
be displaying.

Feedback is very much appreciated.


> On 07 May 2001 16:45:19 -0600, E. Joshua Rigler wrote:
> >
> > I use Ximian 1.4 and "classic gnome" for my default desktop, but I can't
> > even request help in the Gnome calculator without it starting Nautilus,
> > which actually starts about 15 instances of Nautilus, using 100's of
> > MB's of my memory, and bogging my system down. I can't even type
> > "killall nautilus", because while it does kill all instances, they all
> > start back up again in a few seconds!  The only way I know how to get
> > back to normal is to log out and back in again...this is not even
> > remotely acceptable!
> >
> > How do I force gnome apps to use the old defaults for help-file
> > viewing?  Better yet, has anyone got a sure-fire way to remove ALL
> > references to Nautilus?  I do almost everything through my X-terminals,
> > or simple menus, so I will NEVER, EVER, EVER want to use this program,
> > even IF all the bugs get worked out.  It is just looks much too similar
> > to Micro-sucks Win-blows Exploder!
> >
> > I really do prefer GNOME (sawfish) to KDE, and other alternatives, so
> > please don't tell me there's no solution to my problem.
> >
> > -EJR
> >
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