Get nautilus OFF OF MY SYSTEM!!!

I use Ximian 1.4 and "classic gnome" for my default desktop, but I can't
even request help in the Gnome calculator without it starting Nautilus,
which actually starts about 15 instances of Nautilus, using 100's of
MB's of my memory, and bogging my system down. I can't even type
"killall nautilus", because while it does kill all instances, they all
start back up again in a few seconds!  The only way I know how to get
back to normal is to log out and back in again...this is not even
remotely acceptable!

How do I force gnome apps to use the old defaults for help-file
viewing?  Better yet, has anyone got a sure-fire way to remove ALL
references to Nautilus?  I do almost everything through my X-terminals,
or simple menus, so I will NEVER, EVER, EVER want to use this program,
even IF all the bugs get worked out.  It is just looks much too similar
to Micro-sucks Win-blows Exploder!

I really do prefer GNOME (sawfish) to KDE, and other alternatives, so
please don't tell me there's no solution to my problem.


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