Re: gnome-terminal not launching the URL handler upon URL click...

* Yong S. Yi <ysyi async org> [010504 22:15]:
> This is on RedHat 7.1 (kernel 2.4.2) on an x86, out-of-the-box fresh install
> + latest updates (as of 5/4/01 @ ~11PM PDT) with a fresh GNOME configuration
> (wiped out all X Windows related stuff from homedir, logged in again to
> create new ~/.gnome, etc).
> For some reason or another, I'm suddenly not able to get the URL handler to
> run when clicking on a link. The URL handler is set to the correct app
> (gnome-moz-remote), and invoking gnome-moz-remote manually produces correct
> results. 

Check the modifier keys for sawfish shortcuts in gnome control-center.
You've probably Cntl-key set, such that sawfish intercepts Cntl presses.

Best regards - Juergen. 

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