Re: gnome-core available

On Sat, May 05, 2001 at 04:27:20PM +0200, Remi Cohen-Scali wrote:
> I tried your new fixes, and they actually fix some issues, but at least one stay.
> When you edit the icon of a launcher, and you choose the browse button in the icons
> selection window, a `icon file' selector opens. Then you can select an icon (with a
> preview window). This is really fine to find a window. The problem is that when the
> icon is selected through it, the launcher icon property is not updated. The icons
> selector text field is updated (the one to the left of the browse button) and also
> is the icon button of the launcher properties window.
> To reproduce see the following shots:
> Open the property window of a launcher (here galeon)
> Click the icon button to open the icon selector
> Click the browse button to open the icon file selector
> Select another icon and validate. The icon file selector window closes and so the
> icon selector window. The icon button of the launcher property window is updated,
> but not the launcher icon.

Ahhh ... crap.  Basically the standard icon entry is really horribly broken.  It's
really a gnome-libs bug, but unfixable without breaking api.  Panel does many
horrible hacksto make this work well, but I've missed the browse dialog. I'll try
to fix this next week.


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