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I tried your new fixes, and they actually fix some issues, but at least one stay.
When you edit the icon of a launcher, and you choose the browse button in the icons
selection window, a `icon file' selector opens. Then you can select an icon (with a
preview window). This is really fine to find a window. The problem is that when the
icon is selected through it, the launcher icon property is not updated. The icons
selector text field is updated (the one to the left of the browse button) and also
is the icon button of the launcher properties window.

To reproduce see the following shots:

Open the property window of a launcher (here galeon)

Click the icon button to open the icon selector

Click the browse button to open the icon file selector

Select another icon and validate. The icon file selector window closes and so the
icon selector window. The icon button of the launcher property window is updated,
but not the launcher icon.

jacob berkman wrote:

> this is another small bugfix release.
> the main bug it fixes is panel launcher editing.
> get it from:
> jacob
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