Re: Gnome relocation issue

Le 02 May 2001 21:35:01 -0400, Elliot Lee a écrit :
> On 2 May 2001, Bruno Coudoin wrote:
> > To solve thet, I propose to fix that by adding an entry in the
> > gnome-libs to pass it the user package --prefix value.
> This seems broken:
> 1. There are environment variables that exist to handle this problem in
> gnome-libs stable.

Yes, but only developpers can use it efficiently. You have to set them
before you run a gnome program. How do you do if you run several gnome
app from the shell or from the menu. 
It means you have to remember where you have installed an app, set the
GNOMEDIR env and then run your app.
It is IMHO not a clean and long term solution.

> 2. gnome-libs HEAD has a more convenient easier way of dealing with this
> problem, so this patch will be obsolete eventually.

I am not aware of that. Could you please describe it better?

> 3. This will break forwards compatibility. Not a good idea to add new API
> entry points, especially in light of #2.


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