Re: Gnome 1.4 Woes

> Yes!  I have this problem too.  *Often* the control panel is loaded upon
> start up, even though it was shut down, and session was saved upon
> exiting.  I've actually lost Nautilus [which provides all the icons on the
> desktop, and desktop right click menu] and it never came back!  One of the
> support staff has helped me out.

i'm having issues ( possibly netscape 4.77 newest? ) with the left pane in
netscape not 'drawing' immediately upon entering mailer.....just top and
right panes..weird never happened before 'even' with netscape
issues.......har..i wonder if connected to ximian 1.4 and some troubles i've
seen here.....also my mouse isn't working right albeit might be my fault as I
set to three button emulate on install and i have two button ( three with
that middle wheel thingee ) mouse but not sure how to change that in

> Things seem slower.  I've got 512MB Ram, and waiting for it all to load
> when logging into X is painful.  It feels like a reboot in M$-Land.
> [Hey, it's low cost software ... I'm happy]

pretty much it we haven't much basis on which to complain but when its our
recourse from M$land sometimes it gets frustrating :)

regardless thans RH/gnome for your huge efforts .......:)


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