Logout problem with GNOME 1.4, LM 8.0

Hi all,
I have a weird problem with GNOME 1.4 on a fresh Linux Mandrake 8.0
installation: when I log out, it takes ages (talk about 15-20 secs)
before I get back to the gdm display. Any ideas? My configuration:
Celeron 400 MHz, 128 Mb RAM, Matrox G200.

Is it just me, or everything seems a bit slower in GNOME 1.4? I had to
give up on Nautilus because virtually useless (a shame, I really like
it), the GNOME cc takes about 1-2 secs to switch from one entry to the
other, and also sawfish seems slower.

I know that the next Nautilus version will bring improvements on the
speed front, hope the rest will get better too. In the meanwhile, if
some kind soul could help with my logout problems ... :)


Roberto Rosselli Del Turco      e-mail:	rosselli cisi unito it
Dipartimento di Scienze			rosselli ling unipi it
del Linguaggio			Then spoke the thunder	DA
Universita' di Torino		Datta: what have we given?  (TSE)
  Hige sceal the heardra,     heorte the cenre,
  mod sceal the mare,       the ure maegen litlath.  (Maldon 312-3)

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