Re: nautilus vs gmc

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Stuart Donaldson wrote:

> Is there a way to rever to gmc as the filemanager after upgrading to
> 1.4?
> I have a wimpy system with only 128Mb of RAM, and don't use the
> filemanager very much anyway.  I hate having such a huge amount of
> memory dedicated to such a large application as nautilus.
> I've tried going through the control-center and seen nothing indicating
> the filemanager choice.


I believe gmc is still there.  If you go to "Session Poperties and
Start Up", you should be able to "Browse Running Programs" and delete
nautilus.  Then just start gmc from a terminal window, which I believe
will automatically set itself to respawn upon start up (could be
wrong).  In any case, this should prevent nautilus from automatically
starting.  Then you can at least just call gmc when you want.


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