Re: (ximian) Gnome 1.4 - Lurkers feedback

yeah nautilus itself is still slow, but i run nautilus on a pentium 3 700
with 64meg of ram, and it runs pretty good. nautilus is just now getting
speed ups thrown in, the next 1.0.3 release will include all of these, and
alot of features people are really missing from it. nautilus will only get
quicker as time goes by, and probally even faster once the XRender extension
is used inplace of the the stuff they have now.
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> On 30 Apr 2001 13:03:23 -0400, Josh McGee wrote:
> > the mozilla component is only loaded when you use nautilus to surf the
> > there is a gtkhtml base web component that uses less memory on cvs in
> > module nautilus-gtkhtml. i personally think some effort should be put
> > nautilus-gtkhtml, or a gtkhtml2 based one when its ready, because lets
> > it, mozilla is takeing forever to complete.
> Perhapse, but nautilus is a dog even when not viewing web pages.  I have
> a PII300 with 96meg of ram, and nautilus takes (just took, I timed it)
> 47 seconds to open. 40 secondss before it even displyed a window.  If I
> dint not know better I would have thought I had miss-cliked teh icon!
> Evolution (which I use for all my mail) is that same.  In all the hype
> about having a componet based architecture did any one stop and think
> about how slow it was going to be for most users until about 2005?
> Also, memusage, before I installed Evolution and mozilla I never used to
> consume swap mem, but with evo open, and two mozilla windows and about 2
> 3rds (of 256meg swap) is used as well.  MAkes everything run like more
> of a dog!
> Is GNOME targeted at normal users, or is it moving towards the elite,
> only those with 512 meg of ram on a dual 1ghz machine?
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