Re: How to change ximian display manager? (In Red Hat 7.1)

(Forgive the cross post, but this is of potential general Red Hat

What I want to do is regain the functionallity of switchdesk within Red
Hat 7.1  Having installed ximian, I'm unable to use it.  The gdmlogin
does not provide for a kde option (for example).  The only way I can get
to kde is to login to a consol and start a new X session from there.

I'd like the original Red Hat login control back.
On 04/30/01, 05:40:32AM +0200, Guillermo S. Romero / Familia Romero wrote:
> jverel home com (2001-04-29 at 2302.20 -0400):
> > How do I change the default login manager from that set by ximian?
> > Thanks.
> About changing GDM config (for 2.0, not updated yet, and a bit basic)
> read: I
> think there are a few changes like that /etc/gdm/ is the new dir for
> config, and some new features in config file. I am playing with GDM,
> so i can update the doc.
> If you want XDM, KDM or other, you will have to configure which one is
> launched. You will have to say which distro, so we can tell you how.
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