Re: How to change ximian display manager?

You forgot to post to the list. ;] (2001-04-30 at 1536.13 -0700):
> > (2001-04-29 at 2302.20 -0400):
> > > How do I change the default login manager from that set by ximian?
> > > Thanks.
> ditto.."somehow" i lost kde part of gui login..I updated to ximian ( VERY
> nice btw ) but kde dissappeared and I even answered ( or so i thought )
> right to how I wanted setting at end of install..

Well, for the KDE thing, if using GDM, I guess it is just creating a
session in GDM config that launchs KDE. Reading the example sessions
should give an idea about how. Also, GDM now includes a manual that
seems updated fine.

I do not understand exactly what you say, but I think you mean you
answered "keep settings". That means keep user settings, not the GDM
settings. Sorry, a problem with the UI (bad phrasing), I guess.


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