Re: Debian 2.2, X-4.0.2, Latest Gnome, & Sawmill Icon Error?

On Thu, Mar 15, 2001 at 10:04:27AM -0500, Salvatore Innanone wrote:
> Ok, I am running Debian, and wound up compiling X myself since it comes with
> 3.3.6, and I wanted 4.0.2, Anyway I keep getting this error (No where to be
> found in logs), but when I right click on the Application Shortcuts and
> select properties, and try to click on the "Icon" to change it, or when
> creating a new app on the bar, it shuts the window (the properties window)
> and the screen flickers once, and nothing happens.. it's not logged anywhere
> either... not quite sure what to do with this one... but if it makes things
> more difficult down the road I'd like to tackle it now. I installed Woody
> Debian, X 4.0.2, Helix Gnome from CD (Got it at the Linux Conf in NYC '01),
> and made ximian part of my sources list, so everything's updated there, I am
> also running sawmill.. if this IS a gnome error, how when where can it be
> tackled? And if not, what would be causing this? X or Sawmill? 

    No idea, but just for reference, I'm running Debian 2.2, plus XFree 4.0.2
(which is available in unstable btw), and Ximian Gnome, and that doesn't
happen to me. *shrug*


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