Debian 2.2, X-4.0.2, Latest Gnome, & Sawmill Icon Error?

Ok, I am running Debian, and wound up compiling X myself since it comes with 3.3.6, and I wanted 4.0.2, Anyway I keep getting this error (No where to be found in logs), but when I right click on the Application Shortcuts and select properties, and try to click on the "Icon" to change it, or when creating a new app on the bar, it shuts the window (the properties window) and the screen flickers once, and nothing happens.. it's not logged anywhere either... not quite sure what to do with this one... but if it makes things more difficult down the road I'd like to tackle it now. I installed Woody Debian, X 4.0.2, Helix Gnome from CD (Got it at the Linux Conf in NYC '01), and made ximian part of my sources list, so everything's updated there, I am also running sawmill.. if this IS a gnome error, how when where can it be tackled? And if not, what would be causing this? X or Sawmill? 

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