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On 05 Mar 2001 20:59:52 -0600, Len Philpot wrote:
> I've started using gnome 1.2 recently and am starting to collect 
> a few questions for which I can find no answers in the 
> documentation, so I'll just shoot away in case anyone can help.
> Is there any way to disable/turn off/whatever the automatic 
> underlining and 'activation' (for lack of a better word) of URLs 
> in gnome-terminal when the mouse pointer passes over them? This 
> can be very distracting.

I'm not sure... I don't see the option at a quick glance. I kinda doubt

> When adding launchers and/or drawers to the panel, is there a 
> way to prevent the icon from being scaled up in size? This is a 
> real problem with a launcher as they become HUGE and very nasty 
> looking due to the bitmap scaling. I use a 17" monitor at 
> 1024x768 and any icon over about 1/4" square is too big for me. 
> There's a pretty good collection of 16x16 icons, but once they 
> get scaled up, they're UGLY. Even the 32x32 icons are left 
> alone. I guess they're scaled to 48x48 (for what reason?)...

The Gnome icons all come at 48x48. I made a bunch of large (192x192)
icons and put them at I'm not sure why what
you've got problems with ugly icons unless you'r scaling them to above
48x48... They should scale pretty smoothly down.

> Related to the previous question, an even better solution would 
> be NOT to use an icon at all, not even the resulting default 
> icon. Text would be best. I'd love to have every icon replaced 
> by a text-labeled button, but I doubt there's any way to do 
> that. Any ideas?

You'r not the first to suggest it. It currently isn't possible.

> Is there any way to get around the split personality of the 
> panel menu: primarily owned by root, with only pieces here and 
> there by the current user. I'd like to configure it so the 
> current user can control _all_ the contents of the menu (as much 
> as possible). Obviously he won't be able to run things to which 
> he has no access, but control over the menu would be good.

I completely agree. I'm not sure why it is the way it is. It's not
intuitive and just plain frusterating... I suppose the idea is that then
you always have access to everything in that you can't delete the link,
but that's a lame excuse.... I'd think the user could basicly work with
a diff of the menu---that way new sofware would show up, etc. Also, the
current behavior means that ``Properties...'' is insensitive for
everythign in the menu. That means that you can't find out what the name
of the program is without making a copy of the entry onto the panel.
That's just silly.


> And while I'm at it...  :)
> This may be more appropriate in a Balsa forum; let me know if 
> so. Why won't it (Balsa 1.1.1) even try to check for incoming 
> mail on a remote POP3 server? I'm at home with a cable modem and 
> no local mail, just internet. I can't get the POP3 mailbox to 
> show up in the list and it steadfastly refuses to retrieve any 
> mail from it, even when I _know_ there's mail there. No errors, 
> just nothing. I have no other mailboxes defined at all. Any 
> ideas?
> Thanks for any help.
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