Re: What's your most frequent manipulative-behavious in Linux ??

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 06:44:44PM +0800, April Chen wrote:
> Hello friends there,
> To be an Linuxer; you might be willing to share your
> experence about the most keyboard manipulative
> behavious based on Linux OS? It is specified on
> keyboard shortcuts.
> For example, you may press Ctrl-Alt-F1 ~ F6 on purpose
> of switching kernel mode and press Ctrl-Alt-F7 to
> return to X window mode many of time. You may also
> press Alt-Tab to rotate windows ...... some thing like
> that.

  I have remapped sawfish controls to the following:
   Ctrl + Left|Right|Up|down  => navigate within the virtual desktops
   Alt  + space               => lower the window with focus (possibly
                                 loosing it)
   Ctrl + space               => raise the window with focus

that associated to the vi command set is now instinctive, I had to think to 
explain the keystokes. It allows a really fast handling of my workspace with
very little mouse usage. I don't ever remember where the binding came from.
I still have old vi binding (F2/F6/F7/F8/F8) which are inherited from
the TurboPascal 4 environment.

  The important thing to remember is that you need to preserve the
ability to rebind keys for your application (and make this relatively easy)
because if you hit one of those instinctive use of the users he won't
change them, he will have to change them to use your application. No
amount of sampling to try to detect the less commonly used keys will replace
the easy facility needed to rebind those of your application.



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