Telephony over IP (was Re: GNOME Summary 17 June to 23 June)

On Tue, Jun 26, 2001 at 07:03:13PM +0200, Christian Schaller wrote:
> ==============================================================
> 3. GStreamer ported to GObject
> --------------------------------------------------------------
> The GStreamer project has now as one of the first large projects out
> ported to the new glib 2.0 architecture. This means that the core of
> GStreamer is now capable of being completely X/GUI independent which is
> something the companies wanting to use GStreamer in embedded devices
> have been asking for. Since many of you probably want to keep using
> GStreamer with the stable glib/gtk+ 1.2 release, Erik Walthinsen has
> created preprocessor shims and stubs which enable you to compile the new
> version on those older libraries. Other projects wanting to provide a
> similar option of compiling on both the new and the old platform 
> might find this code useful. 

  Somewhat related, did anybody experiment to try to port some
"Voice over IP" package like linphone on GStreamer ?

  Have people tried out linphone ? (I don't have a microphone but I may
purchase one if this is working well !)


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