Click to focus and Re: Problems with xterms in latest Simian Gnome

rebecca ogoense net (2001-06-15 at 1506.59 -0400):
> > On 15 Jun 2001 14:54:24 -0400, Rebecca Ore wrote:
> > > I saw a mention of this earlier before I upgraded, I thought, but
> > > haven't seen it in mail that I haven't deleted.  Is there a way to
> > > return the system to allowing on the fly changing of font sizes in
> > > xterms by control/right mouse button and changing scroll bar status
> > > with control/middle mouse button?
> > It works for me running the latest Ximian Gnome. If you are having
> > problems it's probably that your window manager is grabbing ctrl+middle
> > mouse for something else. (What window manager are you using?)
> Sawfish, the release with the Ximian Gnome I downloaded last night.
> I'd been using Sawfish before.  I switched to icewm and this isn't
> happening with that, so you're right.  I also deleted the rpm for the
> management of legacy xdefaults.

Somebody decided to choose the wrong default modifier key, so people
that was using default config as been caught, and those that changed
all, were not. Change it from Ctrl to other thing (Hyper / Super is a
good idea, IMHO), it is the widget below the list of bindings.

BTW, playing with .Xdefaults you can change font with keybindings,
faster than the Ctrl menu, IMO (having both methods if nicer, of
course). :]

Also, another note about "funny" Sawfish configs that seem to be a
plague in last months, got this from SF list (John Harper replies to a
message from Dave Fallon, Subject Re: What's the best way to post bugs
about sawfish now?):

|I've had two issues in an otherwise excellent experience - the first,
|and far more annoying one, is the "pass click through to window" isn't
|working - I have to click twice, once to select the window, and
|another to click the button or whatnot.

This may be a bug in the default keybindings of the ximian sawfish
package. Run `sawfish-ui', select `Bindings' and look in the `Title'
context. If there are any bindings to Button1-Click1, remove them!


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