Gnome on dual heads

Hi there,

This might be a smple XFree86 question but here goes anyway.

I have a system setup with two heads.  I X all configured nicely, no I
need to get my desktop/wm to play.

I tried using xinerama but that creates one big display out of both heads.
Its no good for my use.  Windows are not placed correctly(in the middle
of both heads and or only on #1).

Instead I'd like to have seperate desktops running on each head.  Or seperate
workspaces running on each head.  I tried loging in and in a terminal
setting my display t :0.1 and then executing gnome-session, but that gave
me errors about already running processes.

I'm currently using Red Hat 7.1 with the default gnome and sawfish wm.


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