Re: how to uninstall

First of all, may I ask why you don't want it? If there's something that
can be easliy fixed you may not have to uninstall all of gnome.

That said, you can uninstall packages from the command line with ``rpm
-e packagename'' for any packages you don't want installed. ``rpm -qa''
will give you a list of all packages installed (you probably want to
pipe that to less ``rpm -qa|less'' so you can see everything)

Be carefull what you uninstall that you don't break something important.


On 04 Jun 2001 17:13:10 +0900, root wrote:
> Mmm...
> hi, everyone...
> i want to uninstall the gnome, but i dont' know how..
> is there anyone who knows it well.
> my gnome runs on redhat linux 6.2.
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