Re: where does the tasklist-applet find its mini-icons?

On 30 May 2001 13:12:38 +0200, Havard Rue wrote:
> both (regular) xterm and emacs shows up with strange mini-icons in my
> tasklist-applet. i can not figure out where to change or which files
> to alter to change the mini-icons to more decent ones. also these
> icons are different from those in the main-menu. someone has any idea?
> i use ximian gnome-1.4.

the tasklist gets the icon from an X property that applications set on
their windows.

in gnome, either the application can specify an icon to use, or if it is
run from a launcher it gets the icon from the launcher through a nice
little hack.

so, you can have gnome-terminal use different icons by creating
launchers in your panel which have a different icon.

otherwise, there isn't a way to change them.

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